Rectangle Sticker Sheets

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Printed full colour on sheets on sheets of PCL gloss paper sticker. The sticker design is entirely your choice. Custom sticker printing is the perfect promotional tool -  whether you want to promote a sale, social media account or want to use for an event. Our sustainably sourced gloss backing paper makes it easy to peel off and go.


When selecting sticker sheets, the following is how many stickers are on 1 sheet.

25mm x 51mm are supplied 35 Stickers Per A4 Sheet
45mm x 80mm are supplied 12 Stickers Per A4 Sheet
62mm x 33mm are supplied 24 Stickers Per A4 Sheet
63mm x 88mm are supplied 9 Stickers Per A4 Sheet
75mm x 110mm are supplied 4 Stickers Per A4 Sheet
76mm x 51mm are supplied 10 Stickers Per A4 Sheet
94mm x 140mm are supplied 4 Stickers Per A4 Sheet
96mm x 45mm are supplied 12 Stickers Per A4 Sheet
96mm x 68mm are supplied 8 Stickers Per A4 Sheet

Please note that your selected quantity is the amount of stickers, not sheets.

Delivery: 3-4 Working Days                                                                                 

If your files are rejected, or we fail to receive your files by 5pm on the day of order, your dates may be moved on, but we will keep you informed along every step of the way. Please note order date will not count towards delivery days. All production turnaround times are based on receiving print ready artwork on time.